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Journalists: If you are researching for an article relating to Leadership, Management, Career Change, Time Management, Delegation or Job Interviews, we are usually able to provide comments within 24 hours and can supply written articles. Please contact Hannah McNamara on 020 7939 9910 (+44 20 7939 9910).

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How to handle an interview with the finance director APR 2011

Chemist and Druggist

Chemist and Druggist:
How to Win Collaborators and Influence People APR 2011


Redundancy can be an opportunity in disguise 25 MAR 2011

How to network your way into a company 23 MAR 2011
iPads are a nefarious ploy to keep us locked in our toilets 25 MAR 2011

Training Journal

Training Journal:
International crisis management: Practical tips for L&D managers MAR 2011


Business Education: No more heroes MAR 2011


How to Perform Well at a Panel Interview MAR 2011

Gulf News

Gulf News:
Shake Yourself Out of Your Job Rut MAR 2011

So Feminine

So Feminine:
Keys and Gray – Sexism in the workplace returns… FEB 2011

Pride Magazine

Pride Magazine:
How to fall in love with your career again! FEB 2011

Simply Hired

Simply Hired:
Updating your social profile when starting a job hunt FEB 2011


How to Deal with Problem Staff JAN 2011

Training Journal

Training Journal:
Five ways to tell someone could benefit from coaching JAN 2011

How to handle an interview with the CEO JAN 2011

Learning Magazine

Learning Magazine:
Coaching Acumen AUTUMN 2010


Training Zone Logo

Training Zone:
How to get people to listen to your podcast FEB 2011

Does Coaching have an image problem? MAY 2010


Rapport Magazine

Rapport Magazine:

Emotional Bankruptcy Autumn 2010

Feature Interview with Hannah McNamara Autumn 2007


Chartered Insitute of Marketing – Greater London Region Newsletter:Win a Personal Life Coaching Programme JAN 2007

Solictors Journal Logo

Solicitors Journal:“Senior School” Page 1 Page 2 21 JAN 2005

Business Network Magazine:Could YOU be a victim of SIAR syndrome? FEB 2006

How to Say “Darling, I’m taking Christmas off” – and mean it OCT 2005

How to Stop Your Staff Jumping Ship AUG 2005

How To Build Your Business and still take time off FEB/MAR 2005


ZestLife Make-Over [Page 1] [Page 2]
Start Your Business Start Your BusinessNew Year, New Start NOV/DEC 2005

Executive PA Magazine:“How to Keep Your Staff” Spring 2005

The Elmbridge Lifestyle Magazine:Shop Watch MAR 2005

Stop Them Jumping Ship FEB 2005

Naked on the Career Ladder JAN 2005

Allergy Magazine:15 Ways to Love Housework [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3]

Inside Divorce

Inside Divorce:All work and no play could be a marriage-breaker JAN 2007

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